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    I’m to propose my beloved half. PIERRE has a special attitude. And good price. PIERRE’s staff is very friendly. The result is divine!


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FAQ about Religion Jewelry

What is religious jewelry?

Religious jewelry includes ornaments or accessories that carry symbolic meaning related to a specific faith or religion. These pieces often feature symbols, figures, or prayers associated with religious beliefs.

What is the religious necklace called?

The name of a religious necklace can vary depending on the specific faith. For example, in Christianity, it is commonly known as a "cross necklace," while in other religions, it may have different names.

What type of Jewellery is worn in Christianity?

In Christianity, common types of jewelry worn include cross necklaces or pendants, rosary beads, and sometimes rings with religious symbols, such as the fish symbol (Ichthys). These pieces often serve as expressions of faith and devotion.
Prices for Crosses in Religion Jewelry in UAE
Cross Necklace with 12 diamonds in 18K White Gold د.إ223
Cross Necklace with 11 diamonds (2х1.5 cm) د.إ119
Cross Necklace with 11 diamonds د.إ257
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☑ The cheapest product price د.إ185,300
☑ The most expensive product price د.إ310,850